IRS Representation

Photo Credit: Lane V. Erickson/

Photo Credit: Lane V. Erickson/

If you receive a letter or a notice from the IRS, you should not assume that it is unimportant. The IRS does not send out letters and notices that do not have a follow-up action planned. Our staff of highly qualified experts in tax matters have years of experience in dealing with IRS regulations and procedures, and we can advise you on the best course of action that will protect your interests. The IRS has many trained agents who know the tax laws and the regulations far better than a person who is busy managing a business.

This is when we can be of service, because we make it our business to know the IRS methods and we can effectively work to ensure that you are not the victim of an aggressive IRS agent. The IRS is not always right in its assessment of tax issues, but our staff knows when they are wrong. Our IRS representation will make a difference.

One important service we provide is properly representing you in an IRS audit. Facing an IRS audit can be an intimidating and complex process, but more importantly, it can be a costly process if the IRS believes your tax filing contains errors. Our experts will put their years of training and experience in IRS representation to work for you. You should never go into an audit meeting without IRS representation because you need an expert who knows when the audit agent is wrong or is overreaching.

Our familiarity with the IRS audit procedures enables us to ensure that they do not use improper guidelines in determining whether certain deductions are allowed or the tax credits you claimed are properly supported. Business income taxes can be very complex and there is often a chance for misinterpretation.

We can also represent you in tax issues with other tax authorities. Our staff can prepare your next tax filing to minimize the chance of an audit and to ensure complete accuracy. We can also review your accounting system to ensure that every deduction and credit is properly recorded. This will be significant in helping to prepare your next tax filing.

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